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Legal issues:

Our brands are protected by intellectual property laws, so use them only as allowed. You can use our brands if you are a customer, sponsor, affiliate or other authorized user.

Remember that by downloading and / or using our brands you agree to comply with our guidelines.

We recommend not:

Make use of our brands so that your service, product or business may be confusing with's own. This means that, for any use of our brand other than those agreed upon, you must seek our approval.

Use our brands in a way that can be interpreted, identified and / or confused with your own business, product or service, for example, including our brand in meta tags, adwords or keywords of your brand, business, product or service.

Altering our brands in any way, such as changing or modifying the design, color or rotation, or adding animations or other effects.

Copy or imitate our designs, fonts, color combinations, or the appearance and appearance of our brands and web pages.

You combine our brands with other names, brands, graphics or generic terms, without our consent.

Present our brands in a way that is the most distinctive feature or the most prominent feature of what you are creating.

You assume rights over our brands, either by trademark or domain name registration, or by any other means.

Use our brands in merchandising or other products (or packaging) such as clothing, hats or cups.

Show our brands anywhere that contains content associated with pornography, gambling, obscenity in general or illegal activities.

Use our brands in any raffle, contest or any other type of promotion.

PS. These guidelines may change without notice and the use of our trademarks may be revoked at any time.


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