General Conditions of use

The use of this Website, is subject to the conditions that are exposed then.

1. Definitions

In these general legal conditions the terms that follow will have the following meaning:

Management expenses: Management fees that Tomaticket will charge the user will be included with respect to each ticket sold by the customer to a user, including the reservation and transaction expenses, which include the taxes in each particular case.

Tomaticket: the online system developed by Axedra for the acquisition, management, processing and termination of tickets, including updates to the system.

Ticket income: money, excluding management expenses, received by TomaTicket with regarding tickets sold to users by the customer.

Contract: the contract between the client and TomaTicket with respect to the use of the system sale of tickets.

General legal conditions: The TomaTicket legal conditions applicable to this contract, which the client declares to have received, read and accepted.

Ticket: all tickets sold to users, but not limited to, e-tickets, mobile tickets, tickets on paper or any other format that is implemented in the Web platform in the future.

Organizer or client: natural person and / or legal entity that uses the TomaTicket for the Event organization.

User/s: the natural person and / or legal entity that uses the TomaTicket to buy a Customer ticket for an event organized by or on behalf of the customer.

Working days: from Monday to Friday (excluding holidays in the Canary Islands).

2. Content of the Website

The Website that contains a platform for event organization and ticket sales. The General Conditions that are detailed regulate the access and use of the Website as well as of all the contents that are shown or made available to the Users TomaTicket may modify, develop, update or withdraw such content at any time and without prior notice. These general conditions do not hinder the definition of other particular conditions by TomaTicket for the hiring or use of certain services or products offered to Users on the website.

The user or organizer undertakes to make legal use of the content and services accessible from this website. It is expressly forbidden any use other than purpose of this website. Thus, the user or organizer will renounce to use content or opinions, considered as racist, xenophobic, discriminatory, pornographic, defamatory or that, in any way, encourage violence or the dissemination of content clearly illicit or harmful. The user or organizer who fails any of the preceding Obligations shall be liable for all damages and losses caused. TomaTicket reserves the right to suspend immediately the provision of the service to remove the contents allegedly or illegally or to annul the profiles of users or organizers who do not comply with these general conditions, whether you do it at your sole discretion, or at the request of a third party affected, duly identified, or the competent authority. Said suspension or withdrawal will not give any right to compensation whatsoever.

3. Disclaimer of responsibility for the content of the website

TomaTicket will watch, as far as reasonably possible, for the proper functioning of the website, the correction of its content and the veracity of what is published in it. But nevertheless, TomaTicket is not responsible for any errors or omissions that may be suffered by the website content or other content that can be accessed through it. Likewise, the user exonerates TomaTicket of responsibility for the use that it could make of the contents of the website without first having the necessary legal advice from a professional of the subject. The website acts as a mere intermediary in the purchase-sale of tickets for events and publicity thereof.

TomaTicket does not participate in any communication between users and organizers beyond of the purchase-sale of tickets through the website. TomaTicket does not take responsibility in the event that the event does not finally occur and the claim that must proceed directed to the organizer of said event. Claims relating to the development of the event they should only be addressed to the organizer of the same. Likewise, TomaTicket does not take responsibility for the misuse, both by the organizers and the users, of the ticket reservation tool made available on the website

TomaTicket will ensure, as far as possible, the safety of the technical supports used by the user and organizer in their navigation through the pages of the website. But nevertheless, TomaTicket can not guarantee the absolute absence of alterations in the computer system, electronic documents or files of the user who visits this website. In As a consequence, TomaTicket will not be responsible for the damages and losses that such elements could cause the user, organizer or third parties. The links that this contains Website may lead the user to other sites and web pages managed by third parties, on which TomaTicket has no responsibility.

4.User's responsibility for accessing and using the website

This website offers access to various content and information as well as services that they require the registration of the user or the organizer. By registering online, the user and organizer is committed to providing accurate, legal, updated and complete information about your identity as requested in the registration form. Also, the user commits to use the services in an appropriate manner, according to the purposes for which it has been conceived. The user or organizer undertakes to respect national and international intellectual property rights that are specified below.

The use of third-party identities is strictly forbidden, and in particular, the spoofing of personalities. TomaTicket reserves the right to cancel the profile of those users who opt for these practices.

5. Allowed form of payment

The purchase of tickets can be paid by bank card, credit or debit card. For it TomaTicket makes use of the Redys online payment platform, the most widespread in Spain and that used by the main banking entities. Any problem or bad operation of the payment gateway (online POS) of Redys is the responsibility of Redsys Processing Services. SL, as the author and developer of the payment platform.

6. Sending and delivery of tickets

Tickets purchased through TomaTicket will be sent immediately to email specified by the user. We recommend the user to check the SPAM or mail folder unwanted if you do not see the entries in your inbox.

In case of not receiving the mail with the tickets a few minutes after having made the payment, you can contact us by phone at 922 210339, or email, to Antender your case and send you telematically the tickets purchased.

7. Return and exchange policy

Once the ticket has been purchased through TomaTicket, it will not be changed nor its amount returned, except in cases of cancellation of the event. The return, in case of cancellation, will be made by the Event Organizer according to the conditions that this defines in the sale of tickets for the event in question.

The buyer can not exercise the right of withdrawal or resolution, since in accordance with current regulations on consumer affairs and trade management retailer, the delivery of services related to recreational activities is excepted from such right.

8. Intellectual and industrial property

TomaTicket owns all the intellectual and industrial property rights of the website, as well as the elements contained in it. Reproduction or transmission is allowed of the content of this website solely for informative or informational purposes and provided that the source is cited (name of the author, URL of the Web) and its authorship is respected.

9. Drop of service

The user can unsubscribe from the service at any time. TomaTicket has the right to cancel, even without prior notice, a user or organizer who does not comply with the legal requirements, provided you have justified reasons.

10. Cost of the Service

The user of the service must establish the sale price of the tickets, as well as the number of these for each event / session that you define in the system. For each ticket sold through the website charges, some expenses for the management of the collection for each ticket sold, fixed fee or percentage of the sale price of the ticket. TomaTicket does not take care of the costs derived from the use of the organizer's Point of Sale Terminal (POS). In case of refunds for cancellation or suspension of the event, all the expenses derived will run to charge of the event organizer.

11. Exploitation of advertising space

reserves the right to exploit commercially for each event, exclusively, the advertising spaces in the tickets and in the Web Without prejudice to above, and for payment events, Tomaticket and the event organizer, may agree expressly the joint exploitation of advertising spaces based on agreements established between both parties.

12. Accounting

The event organizer can make use of its own sales terminal (POS), in which case you will enter the entire amount of ticket sales in your bank account. From the fifth day from the end of the event TomaTicket will issue an invoice for the commissions generated for the sale of tickets. In case of cancellation of the event, the organizer will assume 100% of the cancellation costs for the costs derived from the return of debit cards or credit. If the organizer of the event uses the TomaTicket POS to make the sale of your tickets, the amount collected from the sale, less the amount of the commissions generated, will be deposited into the bank account of the organizer from the fifth day of the completion of the event. In case of cancellation of the event, the organizer will assume 100% of the expenses of cancellation for the costs derived from the return of debit or credit cards.

13. Responsibility of the Organizer

In case an event is canceled or modified and the ticket buyer claims the refund of the amount, the Organizer assumes the obligation to make the refund from your own account and on your behalf, exempting TomaTicket from any liability in this regard. The Organizer responds to all the effects of the veracity and accuracy of the data that publish for the organization of your events on the Web

14. Data protection

TomaTicket undertakes to diligently process the data of the Organizer's representative and to treat them in accordance with Spanish legislation. The Organizer undertakes to treat the Customer data with due diligence, attending and adopting, as a minimum, all the security measures and obligations stipulated in Spanish legislation for the protection of Personal data.

You can read more about TomaTicket's management of personal user data visiting our legal notice and privacy policy.


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