TomaTicket provides a new way of selling events online, differentiating itself from other applications for its quality and prices.

The result is thousands of satisfied users every day. began its activity in 2012, based in the Canary Islands and has become in recent years one of the most important ticket sales portals nationwide, the result of agreements reached with most platforms and wholesalers that they sell events, shows, concerts, etc. “These agreements have allowed us to have on our website almost all the events, shows and concerts that are held in Spain today, so that the internet user can find almost any event in the same place without having to search in various portals. in figures

Since its inception, the activity and the volume of business generated by the portal has been doubling almost every year, as well as the number of visits and registered users who regularly buy.

In the past 2018 they sold more than 15,000 events and a turnover of 6 million euros was managed. They have also reached the figure of 200,000 registered users only in the Canary Islands and as they testify, far exceeded the number of 8,000 people daily visiting their page.

2019 also seems to be a year of growth for the company, and it is expected to increase these figures around 40-50%. This turnover has led the company to triple its workforce in recent years.


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