Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

We expose the most frequent doubts and queries that our clients ask us, in case you consider the same or you are in the same situation as other TomaTicket users.

Q: I bought some tickets but I did not get the email that they say will arrive with the tickets attached.

A: It may happen that the email we send is stored in the SPAM folder or not wanted. If it is not there, contact us to send it to you, because, for example, the mail you indicated may be misspelled.

We recommend that you sign up as a TomaTicket customer, as you can access every moment to the purchases you have made and download your tickets from the area of client.

Q: Do I have to print the tickets to access the venue? Or can I show them on my mobile?.

A: If you do not want to print the tickets, it is ideal that those present in the Passbook format (We also send them to you in this format by email) since it is usual that they need Scan the QR code of the tickets so you can access. Although if you show in your mobile the PDF with the entry and you see the QR code well, there will be no problem.

Q: When I bought some tickets, I came to enter the information on the card, but he did not let me make the payment, tells me an error, and I checked that I entered the data well and that I have a balance What happen?.

A: When making a card payment we are in the bank's (POS) pages, and this is the that authorizes or rejects the charge, not TomaTicket. If you have verified that the card data are correct and the problem persists, contact the bank or with us and tell us the error code that is shown on the screen when the payment is rejected. So maybe we can contact the bank, lest it be a generalized failure in the POS.

Q: I was buying some tickets but I made an error when making the card payment. To try to buy again I see that the seats I had chosen are not available Have you made the reservation? Has the payment been made?

A: If the payment failed, the reservation has not been made nor has any payment been made. It happens when the purchase process starts, the chosen seats are temporarily blocked prevent other people from trying to buy them at the same time. If you try to make the purchase in about 15 minutes later, you will see that they are available.

Q: I can not attend an event is it possible to return the tickets?

A: Although in our conditions of use it is specified that no changes are allowed or returns, we work to be able to offer our clients certain guarantees. In certain events we usually admit the refund of the amount of the tickets if we Notify at least 2-3 days before the event. Get in touch so you can tell us the tickets you want to return and see if we can solve it.

Q: What happens if an event is canceled due to weather or other causes?

A: As it is not your fault, we refund the full amount of the purchase: the amount of the tickets and also that of management expenses. We will notify you by email that the event has been canceled and the causes, and in a few days we will make the returns.

Q: When I buy tickets, I'm asked for my information, but the tickets are for other people. Is there a problem if those who go are not the buyer?

A: No problem. We ask some basic information from the buyer to be able to get in contact in case of a problem, but the tickets can be given or given to others people. In general, attendees are not checked unless they are events specials in which the data of the assistant is requested for each ticket.

Q: Is it safe to buy in tomaticket?

A: As safe as possible. We do not market with your personal data and at the time of paying by card, secure POS terminals are used in consolidated banks. Also we do not keep the data of your card.

We have a policy of transparency and facilitate things to the user. That is why we have been granted the seal of Trust Online.


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