How does it work

Create your event with, we will help you to enhance it so you get a greater reach. Give your event attendees a great experience with the simplicity of a secure purchase and quick accreditation.

Advantages of TomaTicket:

You can access the sale of tickets online, manage your own brand, access control, customer service, quality of services.

Main features:

  • Create events
  • Create sessions within an event
  • Create ticket type
  • Create access control points
  • Customize the entire process
  • Generate reports
  • Generate listings
  • Control access with mobile devices or reading devices
  • Generate mailing and Newsletters

Step 1. Create the event

  • You will have an event page with integrated payment process, data analysis and support.
  • You have all the facilities of the platform to publicize your event and generate tickets for attendees.

Step 2. Define the sessions within the event

Step 3. Create the Ticket types

  • You can sell tickets online, and also have tickets printed on thermal paper to sell at the box office or at physical points of sale.
  • The interesting thing is that all entries, whether physical or internet, have a unique QR code and locator to perform access control and validate each of the entries. This is of vital importance, since, in some communities, the legislation requires the control in situ and in real time of the capacity.

Step 4. Publish your event

  • You can always access your personal area to customize and modify your events so that your attendees remember your brand.

Throughout the process you will have help to make the experience of using the TomaTicket application unique.

What is the cost of using to manage an event

Prices are our best asset, there are no hidden costs. If your event is free we will not charge you.

We have two types of agreement depending on whether you make use of your own virtual Point of Sale Terminal (POS) or if, on the contrary, you make use of our POS.


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