Services for promoters

Enclosure Modeling

“We model enclosures quickly for the sale of numbered tickets”

Many platforms charge hundreds or thousands of euros for modeling a numbered theater or theater in their systems. In we can do it in a short time, and for free or at a very low cost, depending on the size and complexity of the enclosure.

Do the test. If you have a budget to model your site and it seems expensive, call us.

NGOs and charity events

“We support social and charitable projects with special rates”

If you organize charity events of a social nature, we want to help you out. We offer you all our platform and advice at cost price.

  • 0% of the ticket price for online sales.
    Using your own virtual POS. If you use ours, the management costs will be 1% with a minimum 0,1€ to meet the bank fees.
  • 2% for physical tickets (they are kept for the cost of printing and paper).

If you want to access these special rates, contact us

White brand

“We integrate our ticket system without sacrificing brand identity”

We exploit our platform under your brand.

With our white label offer we assemble our entire ticketing system so you can manage events and sell tickets under your own teach or without any brand.

This solution is ideal for those companies or entrepreneurs who want to set up their own ticket sales business, or, for example, for large events or corporations that wish to sell online under their own brand for reasons of prestige, rights ...

If you are interested we can offer you a concrete and adjusted offer to your project. Get in contact with us.

Access control

“Optimize and organize your event with our integrated access control”

  • Box Office Service
  • Access control for minors
  • Ticket Validation

Access control application. TomaTicket Check-in

We have an access control application, with it you can have a control, from access, validation to monthly settlements of your events.

  • Follow the sale in real time
  • 100% reliable with which to scan tickets
  • Attendee tracking in real time offers all its promoters the tracking of ticket sales in real time from any phone or mobile device. To do this you can download the application and install it in a few simple steps.

Google Play

TomaTicket Check-in also allows you to perform the access control of your events by scanning the tickets issued through our system. The app checks the Qr codes through the camera of the mobile device and thanks to the internet it is able to validate or reject the entries, keeping the capacity control in real time.

Also, depending on the dimensions of your events you can have our latest generation professional terminals being the ideal digital assistant for an access control operator.


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