Músico / cantante

There's more than one artist under name Peter:

1) Peter Hyun, Korean born singer and dancer

2) indie/experimental/garage band from Budapest

3) Ikehata Shinnosuke (aka Peter), Japanese singer, dancer and actor

4) pEter, boy band from Netherland

5) Peter Griffin, fictional character from the tv show, Family Guy

6) Peter Hallett

7) Band from Glasgow

8) Drummer of the german metal band, Spirit of Cronos

9) Spanish DJ

10) Peter Paracelsus / Peter Mlakar - Born 30 May 1951 in Ljubljana, Slovenia

1) Peter, or Peter Hyun, is Korean born but raised in Syndey, Australia. He excelled in the performing arts as a child (dancing can be easily seen in his recent PV, “Show Man”) Read more


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