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There is more than one artist with this name:

1) Paris, a hip-hop artist from San Francisco

2) Paris, now known as Paris Shadows, a hip-hop artist from Redding, CA.

3) Paris, an alternative rock band from Lowell, Massachusetts - PVRIS

4) Paris, a band from Sweden

5) Paris, the original name of poison

6) Paris, a band from the U.K.

7) Paris, a US 70s rock band

8) Paris, a singer/songwriter from Norway

9) Paris, a sleazerock band from Australia

1) Paris (real name Oscar Jackson, Jr.; born October 29, 1967 in California) is a hip hop artist from San Francisco known for his militantly confrontational rapping, and especially the controversial track "Bush Killa." After earning a degree in economics from University of California-Davis, Paris founded Scarface Records but released his first single with Tommy Boy Records. "The Devil Made Me Do It" was his critically acclaimed debut 1990 LP; the title track was banned by MTV.

Paris' 1992 follow-up, "Sleeping With the Enemy", was not released due to the anti-George H. W. Bush track "Bush Killa" and the album's insert, featuring the artist waiting behind a tree, holding an assault rifle, as the president is waving to the crowd Read more

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