If your event is free, we will not charge you.

You have all the facilities of the platform to promote your event and generate the tickets for the attendees.

You can sell tickets online and also have tickets printed on thermal paper, to sell at the box office or at points of sale.

Prices are our best asset, there are no hidden costs. For online sales tickets We have two types of agreements depending on whether you use your own Point Terminal of Sale (TPV) virtual or if on the contrary you make use of the TPV of Axedra.

TPV Propio | Fee Mínimo 0,7€ | Porcentaje del ticket 0,7% TPV Axedra | Fee Mínimo 0,9€ | Porcentaje del ticket 0,9% Entrada física | Fee Mínimo 0,4€ | Fee máximo:2,99% | Porcentaje del ticket 4%

For example, if your event offers tickets for 10€ each, TomaTicket will bill you for the Fee minimum for each ticket you sell. If your tickets exceed 10€, TomaTicket will charge you 7% of the amount of your tickets. All this as long as you have your own POS.
The physical entries in thermal paper would cost 0.2€ each for this example.

Having your own TPV guarantees you to have more attractive prices and enter the amount of your tickets sold in your account directly.

The interesting thing is that all entries, whether physical or internet, have a locator and unique QR code to be able to perform access control and validate each of them. This is of vital importance, since in some communities the legislation forces to take control in situ and in real time of the capacity.


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