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Excursions, gastronomy, music, leisure and much more

What are the experiences?

Tomaticket presents a selection of different promotional packages, so that the user enjoys in the first person a unique experience that affects happiness personal.

The result is thousands of satisfied users every day.

Tomaticket Experience goes beyond the mere formal purchase and sale of a product whose characteristics are reduced only to their material potential to consolidate as an offer that allows enrich in form, quality and quantity the life experience of each one of its users.



Greater visibility of the business
Greater knowledge of the brand
Increase in the number of visitors and sales
Loyalty on our web of satisfied customers
Advertising of the company and its products
Better reputation


Savings in products or services
They can enjoy products or services that they could not access at their normal price
Satisfaction with the product
They can buy more things and save more money
Know the new products or services
They discover the product as something potentially enriching for the experience and enjoyment personal.

Our services


Sales reports
Information in the App
"Used sales" settlements in the first 5 days of the month
Custom formats Pdfs, emails, personalized Passbook for each experience
Gift experiences
Cross sales


Without Permanences, possibility of canceling the service one month in advance

Low Commissions. We guarantee the minimum purchase commissions of the market. Contact with us.

Expired experience 50% split for the promoter - 50% for Tomaticket
Quality controls. -Tomaticket reserves the right to withdraw experiences that are not meet the minimum quality - Quality of experiences by Tomaticket

How does it work?


Configuration of the experience
Review our quality standards and complete the experience card.


We create the experience
Highlight the type of activity you offer as well as the conditions of the experience.


We publish your experience
If your experience meets our quality standards, you can start offering it.

Tomaticket App


You can download the application and install it in a few simple steps, with it you can have a control, from the access, the validation until the monthly liquidations of your experience

This generates a direct impact on users and makes a difference when choosing the experience.

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