Joe Dolan

Joe Dolan

Músico / cantante

Joe Dolan - A Biography


Joe Dolan was born in Mullingar, County Westmeath. The youngest of eight, his Father died when he was 8 and his Mother when he was 15. Joe was left at home with brother Ben, as the rest of the family had either emigrated or settled down. On Ben's advice, Joe started work as an apprentice newspaper compositor with the local newspaper, the Westmeath Examiner.

The Dolan household was always noted for music, Joe was to be seen in those early days playing the washboard accompanying his sisters' singing in the house.. Indeed it was no surprise that Joe and Ben decided to put a band together and play the local dancehall circuit.


Joe finished his apprenticeship with the Westmeath Examiner and decided to embark on a fulltime career in the music business. If the Band didn't work out he'd always have his skill to fall back on. The Drifters Showband was formed and Joe was the Guitarist and Lead Singer.

It was 1964, Joe cut his first record an old Del Shannon song called "The Answer To Everything", which answered his prayers by shooting straight to the No.4 spot in the Irish Charts. He was on a roll, hit followed hit, "I Love You More And More Everyday", "My Own Peculiar Way", "Aching Breaking Heart", "Pretty Brown Eyes", "Tar And Cement", "The House With The Whitewashed Gable", "Love Of The Common People", and "The Westmeath Bachelor".


1969 was the year that Joe had his first International break Read more

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