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There are at least four artists named Film:

1. A Croatian New Wave band active around the 80’s.

2. A Greek Indie Rock band active since 2001.

3. An American rock band that was active through 1995-2003.

4. Thai singer.

1. Film is a new wave band from Croatia.

Film was a Croatian rock group founded in 1978 in Zagreb. Film was one of the more popular rock groups in the ex-Yugoslav new wave (Novi val) in the late 1970s to early 1980s.

Jura Stublić - Singer, songwriter and leader of the group - Mladen Jurčić ‘Max’ - Solo guitar - Marino Pelaić ‘Baracuda’ - Bass guitar - Ivan Stančić ‘Piko’ - Drums

In 1981 the group became very popular. Its first big hit was the song “Neprilagođen” ( “Maladjusted” ). In that time Jura Stublić wrote hits like “Zamisli život u ritmu muzike za ples” ( “Imagine life in the rhythm of music for dancing” ), “Radio ljubav” ( “Radio love” ), “Zajedno” ( “Together” ), “Kad si mlad” ( “When you are young” ), “Odvedi me iz ovog grada” ( “Get me out of this town” ), “Zona sumraka” ( “Twilight zone” ), etc Read more

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