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Feeder are an award-winning Welsh rock band that formed in Newport, Wales in 1992. By 1995 they released their debut EP Two Colours and a second EP titled Swim, which was followed by their 1997 debut album Polythene, after being met with critical acclaim and made the UK Top 75. Their second album, Yesterday Went Too Soon (1999), again found favour with critics and reached number eight in the UK.With the lead single "Buck Rogers" from their 2001 album Echo Park, Feeder entered the mainstream, around a time manufactured pop was frequently dominating the top 10. After their breakthrough year, their drummer Jon Lee committed suicide in his Miami home in January 2002. The band vowed to continue and would then in October 2002 release Comfort in Sound; an album musically and lyrically focused around the band's emotions at the time, and was well-received by critics. Former Skunk Anansie and Little Angels drummer Mark Richardson joined the band in August 2002. Alongside Jon, the band were originally comprised of Grant Nicholas (lead vocals, guitar, piano) and Taka Hirose (bass).

The band have released six studio albums and two compilations, including the platinum-selling singles album. In total they have three platinum albums, two gold albums and one silver in the UK. Their only sales award outside the UK is that of a gold award in the Republic of Ireland for their singles album.

As of December 2006, according to the ranking system in the Guinness Book of British Hit Singles and Albums, Feeder are one of the most successful UK chart acts of all-time based on the combination of single and album chart weeks, as they rank at #500 or above at #457. To date they have twenty-three top 75 singles, and five top 10 albums.


At the age of 14, singer and guitarist Grant Nicholas joined a band called 'Sweet Leaf', named after a Black Sabbath song- the first band Grant had seen play live. At this time bassist Taka Hirose along with drummer Jon Lee, were both playing in different covers bands before they would meet Grant.

While both playing in different bands on the Newport unsigned gig circuit, Grant and Jon became friends and would take part what was described by the frontman as a "friendly rivalry". They decided to train to become sound engineers, but were interested in playing in bands as opposed to recording them. They formed a band called 'Rain Dancer' after Jon left Newport band The Darling Buds during the previous year, the formers sound was described by Grant as that of The Waterboys. However, before then they formed an electronic duo called 'Temper Temper' and like 'Rain Dancer', they failed to work out.

Going back to the drawing board, they formed a three piece band called 'Reel' in which they fired their bass player before changing their name to 'Real'. During this time they recruited Japanese bassist Taka Hirose via an advert in Loot. The band then changed their name to Feeder named after Grant's pet goldfish.

They won their recording contract with Echo after sending a demo tape and then completed the deal after an employee from the label witnessed one of the bands gigs. A track from the demo titled "Don't Bring Me Down", appeared as a b-side on the "Day in Day Out" single, but uses an electric guitar as opposed to an acoustic as heard on the released version.

In 2006 a demo tape of their early demos surfaced on eBay, selling for £180 pounds. It contains the recording of "Suffocate" under the name of "Give", alongside an unreleased track titled "Believe". "Give" is reportedly "slightly different musically and lyrically" from that of "Suffocate".

Two Colours - Swim (1995-1996)

Feeder's first official release was the 2 track Two Colours EP in 1995, which was only available at the bands first gigs. It was limited to 1500 CD's and 1000 7" vinyls and today is valued at £40-60. In 1996, the band released their first commercially available release the Swim EP, on Echo. The record had six tracks on it with a running time of 22 minutes, with a 2001 re-issue including b-sides and two videos from the era of their debut album proper. The EP was given a 4/5 review in Kerrang! magazine (KKKK).

Shortly before the record was released, a tape called Two Tracker was given away free with Kerrang! magazine and contained the tracks "Sweet 16" and "Waterfall", the latter was described in the inlay card as one of the tracks that was on their forthcoming debut album proper then entitled Here In The Bubble (which soon changed it's name to Polythene). Some of the photography for the EP's inlay was produced by Grant himself, while Chris Sheldon produced the album. The band released "Stereoworld" from the record as it's only single, after appearing at the Reading festival. The year also seen the band participate in a tour, visiting seaside towns like Newquay.

Polythene (1997-1998)

After building a strong fanbase with the release of Swim, the following year the band released their first full album. The result Polythene is now widely regarded as a classic by Kerrang! magazine readers, as they voted it the 87th best British rock album of all time in a January 2005 issue, and was also Metal Hammer magazine's album of 1997, in which it scored a mark of 10/10 in it's review. Two tracks from "Swim" were used for the album with those being "Descend" and "Stereoworld".

After the recording sessions were completed, the album's first single "Tangerine" was released and charted at #60 in the UK charts. This was followed by "Cement" charting at #53 and then the release of the album in which it charted at #65. Two more singles were released either side of their main stage debut at the Reading festival of 1997, with "Crash" making #48 and a new song entitled "High" charted at #24.

The album as of March 2003, has been certified silver by the BPI for shipments of 60,000 units Read more


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