Músico / cantante

There are several musicians with a name "Alfa"

1. Alfa - a New York-based folk/pop/acoustic singer/songwriter and musician.

2. Alfa - a trance artist.

3. AlFa - a post-rock duo from Strasbourg, France.

4. ALFA - a dreamwave/synth producer and artist, part of the Binary Collective from Los Angeles, California.

5. Alfa - a screamo band.

1. Alfa was born to a family that more than dabbled a bit in music. Some say she was born on a tree in the jungles of Mindanao, but those privvy to her life pre-cross-Pacific days know full well she was born in a tiny white hospital, and that she first learned piano from a strict Madame who would not let her exercise self-made renditions of “Mary Had a Little Lamb” during lessons Read more


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