How our affiliate program works

We explain in a few simple steps how you can be part of our affiliate program. You only need to have an account at and an IBAN account number with which transactions will be made to your bank account.

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Step 1.
Customer registration

  • Open your customer account and enjoy multiple benefits.
  • IMPORTANT!. In order to be part of the affiliate program, it is essential to accept both the conditions and the instructions for using it.
  • Within the registration form mark the field: Do you want to make money with
  • Then enter your bank account number (IBAN) and complete the registration.
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Step 2.
Log in into your account

Once registered access your Customer Area, you can access the Commissions tab. In it you can consult the following data:

  • My shopping
  • My data
  • Notifications
  • Club Cards
  • Commissions
    • All commissions generated
    • How much have we paid you
    • How much you have accumulated until the next payment
    • Your position in the affiliate ranking
    • And a table of the events that interest you
Icono de afiliación a evento

Step 3.
Join an event

To join an event, all you have to do is copy the link provided and share it, we recommend sharing it well on blog, web pages and on social networks. If the person to whom you share it buys through that link, you will receive your compensation.

IMPORTANT! The customer who purchases the event must use the link you have provided correctly. Otherwise the affiliate program will not register your commissions.

Icono de comisiones

Step 4.
Your commissions

Once you have generated a sale, you will see the section "Accumulated until the next payment" increase depending on the commissions offered by the event.

The first five days of each month, we will perform an analysis to see if you have accumulated more than € 50 in commissions, if you have reached the figure, the accumulated amount will be credited to your bank account.

If you have not accumulated more than € 50, do not worry, just continue adding until next month.

You can see more information in Affiliate Plan Terms and Conditions


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